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2008 Practice for South African Students
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Student distribution over the projects
Projects and their description
Student presentations
Some of the participants' opinions
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2008 Practice 

for South African Students

     at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research       

Dubna, Russia
 September 22 - October 10, 2008

Arrival day is September 21, departure is October 12-13
Schedule of a workday:
   Morning (10:00 - 13:00):                

    - Presentations by the JINR Laboratories      
    - Lectures on specific topics

   Afternoon (14:00 -18:00):

    -  Individual work at the JINR Laboratories on the projects       
    -  Excursions to the JINR Laboratories

   Lunch: 13:00 -14:00
: free time

The culture program includes excursions to Moscow and Sergiev Posad (the Centre of the Russian Orthodox Church).

The lecture program will include advanced topics in Theoretical Physics, Nuclear Physics, Radiobiology, Neutron Methods, and Technical Physics.

At the end of the Practice students present reports of the projects.

A Welcome Party is planned on one of the days.
The coffee breaks will be organized during the morning sessions.

Contact information 
Should there be any problems submitting this automatic form, please send the required data by e-mail to Sergei Negovelov, negovel@uc.jinr.ru, as a plain text message or as an attached .doc file without macroses.
Winter Practice for South African Students at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Dubna, Russia, December 9 – December 19, 2007


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