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2014 Student Practice in JINR Fields of Research (2nd stage)
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2014 Student Practice 

in JINR Fields of Research

(2nd stage)

Dubna, Russia 
 July 06 - 27, 2014



The Practice has been held annually since 2004 on the initiative of the UC, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, a number of Polish universities, and the Czech Technical University in Prague. The participants of the Practice are graduate and PhD students from JINR Member States and the countries that have agreements with JINR at the government level. Starting from 2009 the Summer Practice at JINR is called the Ivanova Practice in honor of the First director of the University Center, Svetlana Petrovna Ivanova.
The main purpose of the Practice is to allow its participants to learn about the JINR research programme and facilities. The Practice includes lecture courses on advanced research topics (in the morning) and laboratory exercises at JINR divisions (in the afternoon). The cultural programme includes excursions and social events.
Students of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia who would like to attend the Practice should first contact the following persons in charge (see below). 

Bulgaria Dr. Jordan Brankov
The Czech Republic: Dr. Ivan Stekl
Poland: Dr. Wladislaw Chmielowski
Romania: Dr. Alexandru Jipa
Slovakia: Dr. Suzana Dubnickova
Registration Form: make sure you have answered the "Project preference" point: 
choose 1 – 3 projects from the Projects and their description. 
The list of the projects has not yet been finalized and is subject to change. 
University Center is ready to take into account your propositions for the organization of new projects, 
provided that your suggestions will be sent to us
no later than May 20, 2014.
The contact person is Yulia Korneeva 

Should there be any problems with submitting this automatic form, please send the required data 
by e-mail to Yulia Korneeva, 
as a plain text message or as an attached .doc file. Please use only the 26 standard Latin letters

Please, send the main pages of your passport (where your name and photo are) scanned as a .jpg file to 
Yulia Korneeva:practice14eu@uc.jinr.ru 
Make sure that the passport has your signature.

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