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JINR Basic Facilities

Virtual excursions to the JINR basic facilities
Laboratory of High Energy Physics (HTML5 / SWF)
Laboratory of Neutron Physics: IBR-2 (HTML5 / SWF), IREN (HTML5 / SWF), EG-5 (HTML5 / SWF)
Laboratory of Nucreal Reactions (HTML5 / SWF)
Laboratory of Nucreal Problems (HTML5 / SWF)
Laboratory of Information Technologies (HTML5 / SWF)
Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (HTML5 / SWF)
Electron linear accelerator test bench (HTML5 / SWF)



U-400 and U-400 cyclotrons

Fast pulsed reactor IBR-2

Resonance Neutron Source IREN

Projects for the future: the NICA-MPD facility

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