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Presentation of the projects by students

Presentation of the projects by students

The aim

A new feature of the 4th Summer Practice consists in students presenting their projects. The student presentations are scheduled for the last work days of the Practice (please, see the Program). During the Practice, different students work on different projects at JINR Laboratories; that is why one of the aims of the presentation is to give the Practice participants a better idea of the whole range of the research projects. Another aim is evaluation of the student’s work.

The form and style of the presentation

Most of the participants are organized in groups, and a group works on one project. In such cases each group prepares one presentation and chooses a “speaker” who will make this presentation. Each presentation should not exceed 15 minutes (some time will be reserved for questions from the audience). The presentation should be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint. The UC facilities will be provided to prepare the presentation.

The contents of the presentation

The contents of a presentation should include:

1) the title of the project;
2) the project participant list and their affiliation;
3) a JINR group where the project has been carried out and the name of the project supervisor;
4) the aim of the project (the scientific problem, the field of research, possible applications, etc.);
5) an equipment description;
6) a work/experiment description;
7) the obtained results;
8) acknowledgements (optionally).

Other points can be added optionally. Comments and suggestions on improving the Practice are welcome.

The presentations should be sent to the Organizing Committee:  kil@uc.jinr.ru

At the end of the Practice, the students made presentations of their project performance reports.

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