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Regulations of the JINR University Center

Approved by the
JINR order from 16.09.2010 № 550

(version for printing) 

Regulations of the University Center of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research 

1. General regulations

1.1. University Center (further, UC) is a substructure department of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (further, JINR, the Institute) created with the goal of organization, support and development in the Institute of the independent educational program, organization of the postgraduate course, training, retraining and professional skills improvement of the specialists and team leaders, interaction with the higher education institutions (further, HEI) of the JINR member-states.

1.2. UC is headed by the Director appointed by the Institute Director to whom he is subordinate.

1.3. The UC Director position can be occupied by a scientist having a higher special education, a scientific degree and the experience of scientific work not less than 5 years.

1.4. The UC Director is appointed and freed from the work by an order of the Institute Director in compliance with the existing legislation.

1.5. UC Director is nominated by the JINR Scientific-technical Council for the term of not more than 5 years. The status of the UC Director belongs to the category “scientific worker”.

1.6. UC has the UC Council. The UC Council is the science organizational body of UC determining main directions of the UC activity.

1.7. UC realizes its activity on the base of the JINR charter, Regulations on the JINR staff, decisions and recommendations of the Committee of plenipotentiaries of the JINR member-state governments, Regulations of the JINR postgraduate course, decisions of the JINR Scientific-technical Council and the UC Council, JINR office regulations, orders and decrees of the Institute Directorate, the present Regulation, other local JINR standard acts and existing legislation of the Russian Federation.

1.8. The structure and personnel arrangements of UC are determined by the tasks executed by UC and its functions, and they are affirmed by the Institute Director.

1.9. For realizing its activity, UC uses the property granted by the JINR Directorate.

1.10. Financing of the UC activity is realized from the JINR budget, grants, and other sources in compliance with the legislation of the country where the Institute is located.

2. Main UC tasks and functions 

2.1. The main UC activity tasks and functions are:

2.1.1. Training for the JINR member-states and the Institute structural subdivisions of the high qualification personnel by the priority directions of the JINR activity, with the goal of its subsequent use for working in JINR, other scientific organizations of the Institute member-states;

2.1.2. Attraction of the JINR scientific staff to the direct participation in the educational process;

2.1.3. Interaction with the HEI of the JINR member-states, creation and coordination of the uniform educational process for the base HEI departments in the Institute;

2.1.4. Training, retraining, and professional skills improvement of the specialists and team leaders;

2.1.5. Creation of the conditions for holding practical lessons (including the pregraduation and graduation practices) for the JINR member-states students;

2.1.6. Organization and holding of international scientific-educational activities;

2.1.7. Improvement of the UC material and technical basis.

2.2. In compliance with the agreement between JINR and HEI, the base departments of HEI can be created in the Institute and realize their activities in it. Opening and closure of the HEI base departments are realized in compliance with the conditions of the signed agreements between JINR and HEI.

At the moment of affirmation of the present regulations the base departments of the following HEI’s are working in the institute:
- base departments of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University;
- the base department of the National Research University “Moscow Physical-Technical Institute”;
- the base department of the Technical University “Moscow Institute of Radiotechniques, Electronics and Automatics”;
- the base department of the National Nuclear Research University (MEPhI);
- base departments of the International University of Nature, Society and Man “Dubna”.

3. Educational and other UC activities
3.1. UC organizes the JINR postgraduate course studies and the work with the students educating at UC and the HEI base Departments, organizes the work of scientific UC laboratories, holds international science-educational activities, organizes the qualification improvement courses for the Institute staff. A base department at JINR is a HEI subdivision created by an agreement between JINR and the HEI and having educational plans and programs in compliance with UC.

3.2. Organization of the JINR postgraduate course.
The postgraduate course work at JINR is implemented on the base of the JINR Regulations on the Postgraduate course, it is targeted to training of the specialists for the Institute subdivisions,
regulated by the legislative acts of the Russian Federation, realized by the license and includes:

- organization of the reception of documents and holding the interview with applicants for the JINR postgraduate course;
- organization of the postgraduate course entrance exams, creation of the appropriate conditions for the selection committee work;
- organization of the lecture courses and lessons for postgraduate students on a foreign language, philosophy and history of science, on the specialty disciplines;
- control of the matching of the content of lecture courses with the normative demands in education and science set by the legislative and other acts of the country of location of the Institute;
- control of the realization of the individual study plans by postgraduate students;
- organization of the annual attestation of the postgraduate students;
- assistance in the support of the postgraduate students rights in the social and labor legal relationships.

3.3. Organization of the work with students.
UC realizes the work with students on the base of agreements with HEIs of the institute member-states and the rules set for admission of students to the education in JINR UC and affirmed by an order of the UC Director (annex 1).
With the purpose of supporting the educational process, UC:
- organizes the interaction of JINR subdivisions with the Directorate, lecturers and the higher education institutes students (annex №2, annex №3);
- controls the implementation by students of the individual education plans (annex № 4), the scientific-educational work during the students education, implementation of the diploma work, holding the diploma and pregraduation practices;
- attracts scientific staff members of the Institute for the scientific supervision of the pregraduation and graduation practices, preparation of the diploma works of the students;
- organizes lecture courses on the base of the suggestions of the Institute Laboratories.

3.4. UC realizes its activity on the base on the educational laboratories where the general physical and special practical training sessions are held for taught students.

3.5. Holding of the international scientific-educational activities.
With the purpose of acquainting with the work of JINR base equipment, thematics of the Institute scientific research and attraction of young specialists from the Institute member-states to the work in JINR, UC realizes:
- holding of annual international scientific-educational activities in the form of practices, schools of young scientists and conferences for senior students, postgraduate students and young scientists;
- holding, jointly with the representatives of the JINR member-states, of targeted advertisement of the Institute activities, its scientific achievements and possibilities for the scientific career;
- organization of the activities for the school teachers and schoolchildren from higher grade classes of the JINR member-states schools for advertisement of the Institute educational programs and formation of an interest of schoolchildren from member-states to the fundamental science.

3.6. Increasing the skills of the JINR staff.
With the purpose of raising the skills of the Institute staff, UC realizes:
- training, attestation of the specialists and professional education of the workers of key professions, operating the objects surveilled by Rostechnadzor, to the questions of work security;
- professional training of the workers to supplementary (adjacent) professions;
- organization of the higher qualification courses for the institute workers by the programs offered by the JINR subdivisions .

4. UC Council

4.1. UC Council consists OF the JINR scientific staff members and representatives of HEIs having base departments in JINR.

4.2. The UC council chair is the director of the Institute. Director of the Institute, chair of the UC Council, affirms the UC Council membership list. 

4.3. For A prompt coordination of the UC work, a working committee is formed from the members of the council. The membership of the working committee is affirmed by the chair of the UC Council.
4.4. Meetings of the UC Council are held not rarely than once per year. No less than 2/3 of the list of UC Council members should be present at the meetings. The decision is counted as valid, if the majority of UC council members present at the meeting voted for it.

4.5. Working committee of the UC Council:

4.5.1. It is an operating structure of the UC Council;

4.5.2. It works out the recommendations on the educational programs composition and organization of the educational process; 

4.5.3. It forms the suggestions on attracting the JINR staff members to educational work;

4.5.4. It controls the quality of the UC educational process;

4.5.5. Meetings of the Working committee are held by a need, but not rarely than 2 times per year. 

5. The duties of the UC Director

5.1. The UC Director must:

5.1.1. realize the Direction of the current activity of UC;

5.1.2. control the educational process, represent the UC interests in the legal relationship with students;

5.1.3. present to the JINR Directorate suggestions for the job offers, the promotions and firing of the staff members, on their encouragement or calling to an account for violation of the office rules;
5.1.4. to bring in the propositions on the changes of the structure and the list of UC staff;

5.1.5. affirm the office rules for the UC staff, change them and expand in compliance with the work needs;

5.1.6. ensure observance by the UC staff of the work security norms and organization of the work in compliance with the acting rules and Regulations on the work security, demands of the anti-fire security;
5.1.7. demand from the staff to implement the JINR office Rules and other normative documents effective in the institute;

5.2. UC Director :

5.2.1. is the deputy chair of the UC Council;

5.2.2. is the member of the JINR STC;

5.2.3. He is subordinate to the Institute Director and represents the UC interests on a warranty in the limits, defined by the JINR Director.

6. Center Director Rights
With the purpose of appropriate implementation of the UC tasks, the Director of the Center has the right:

6.1. to request and receive from the JINR structural subdivisions the information on the needs in training the personnel in the directions of their scientific activity and on the necessity of developing new educational programs;

6.2. to control the conditions of education and preparation by the students of the diploma works in the Institute Laboratories;

6.3. to hear the account of scientific supervisors on the fulfillment by students and postgraduate students of the educational plans;

6.4. to publish in the mass media and also in the JINR publications the analytical, referencing and other information on his activity;

6.5. to publish the educational and education-methodological literature in the form of education-methodological manuals of JINR UC which is recommended by the working committee of the Council,

6.6. to request from the JINR Directorate and the UC Council allocation of the rooms, material and money resources, and also solving of other problems necessary for implementing goals, tasks and current functions the Center;

6.7. to participate in the discussion of questions connected with the UC activity;

6.8. to present to the institute directorate suggestions on the improvement of the UC work, change of its structure, list of the staff, and also on the rewarding of the members or accounting them;
6.9. to keep connection with the Institute subdivisions, scientific organizations of the member-states and other countries on the questions of the UC work organization and holding the scientific-educational activities;

6.10. to issue arrangements and orders in the limit of his competence, which are obligatory for execution by the UC staff;

6.11. to order the transportation cars for UC needs in the JINR vehicle fleet.

7. UC Director responsibility

The Director of the Center carries the responsibility for non-implementation of the tasks,
functions and obligations described in sections 2, 3, 5, as well as for non-implementation of the normative documents indicated in paragraph 1.6. of the present Regulations.


Chief scientific secretary of the Institute N.A. Rusakovich

Director of the labor management and salary Department G.G. Sustina

Director of the Legal department L.B. Boriskina

Director of the Security Service N.A. Stepanov

Acquainted with the Regulations:
UC Director S.Z. Pakuliak


University Centre,
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research,
141980 Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
Phone: +7 (49621) 6-50-89
Fax: +7 (49621) 6-58-51