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About Dubna


What is the Science City of Dubna?
            Dubna is a modern, rapidly developing city. It is located 125 km north of Moscow, where the Moscow Canal meets the Volga river. The city area is 7166 hectares. The population is almost 70,000. The average inhabitant age is 33.2.
To read more about Dubna, you can visit the city's site, http://www.dubna.ru
I heard Dubna is going to host one of the Special Economic Zones. Will JINR be participating in it?
            Dubna will really host a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). It will occupy two territories; one of them will be located near JINR, which will be, and already is, playing a deciding role in its making. Some of the technologies designed at JINR (for example, the ion-and-plasma one, and more) will be introduced in the SEZ and further developed there. Without exaggerating one may say that without JINR – the key city-making institution – the SEZ project would never be supported. On 26 December 2006, the Russian Minister of Economic Development and Trade Hermann Gref held in Dubna an operational meeting on the issues of developing the SEZ; here is just one quotation from him: "Without JINR there wouldn't be the SEZ; the Institute is its generating engine – both its Directorate and scientists."

What are the regulations on staying on the JINR territory?
            The JINR territory is guarded; therefore – to prevent any misunderstandings and troubles – we strongly recommend all its visitors to observe a set of simple rules of entering it and staying there:
  • When entering the JINR territory, always have your passport with you.
  • Don't take more books and documents than necessary for your work.
  • The guards are authorized to ask you to open and show them your bags.
  • Please specially note (!) that it is strongly forbidden to bring to the JINR territory any photo and video equipment, players, and details and units of household appliances. If found, these articles will be taken away from you and you will have rather hard time getting them back.
 What affordable public catering is available in Dubna?
       There is a growing number of places in Dubna where you can have a lunch or dinner. They are easily seen for their signboards; on our part, we are providing you with an incomplete list of those with reasonable prices:
  • The dining hall at JINR's LNP site (a JINR territory called so for one of the Laboratories located there) – lunches on weekdays.
  • A café at the International Conference Hall – "DMS," Stroiteley Str., 2 (lunches)
More expensive places include (again, this is an incomplete list): 
  • "Ale" café (near the Dixie supermarket),
  • "Why not?" bar (Bogoliubov Prosp.),
  • "Patio", "Taj Chaj" ("Majak", Bogoliubov Prosp., 24A, at the third floor).  
      There are a lot of grocery stores in Dubna. There are also supermarkets in Dubna; we recommend the following ones:
  • "Dixie" (Michurin Str.) – also to those living on Leningradskaya Str., 10,
  • "Perekryostok" (Bogoliubov Prosp., 13) – to those living on Moskovskaya Str., 2,
  • "ATAK" (Bogoliubov Prosp., 14),
  • "Perekryostok"  ("Majak", Bogoliubov Prosp., 24A).
  Cash machines ("Bankomats")
            There are several banks and many cash machines in Dubna. We recommend you to use the cash machines of Sberbank, Rosbank, and Bank Vozrozhdeniye because they have branches in Dubna, which is convenient should there be any problems about service.
            The cash machines work round the clock. Accepted are the following cards: Visa, Euro Card, and Master Card. The cash machines are as follows:
  • Sberbank: Mira Sq., Bogoliubov Prosp., 15, 24A, 28
  • Vozrozhdeniye:
    • Molodyozhnaya Str., 1 (Post-office building)
    • Bogoliubov Prosp., 25
  • Rosbank:
    • Sovetskaya Str., 14
    • Bogoliubov Prosp., "Perekryostok" supermarket
            There are several leisure places in Dubna. Among them are:
  • cinema "Volga-Volga" at the third floor of the "Majak" supermarket,
  • bowling and billiards at the third floor of the "Atak" supermarket (Bogoliubov Prosp., 14)
Summer in Dubna is the best season for recreational activities on the water. You can bathe on the city beach (the Volga embankment); pleasant surroundings can be found on the bank of the Moscow Reservoir on the Volga (a lake on the river formed by the hydropower plant), where you can go by buses number 11, 110, 17 or route taxi number 12: the bus stop "Dmitrovskoye shosse" ("Dmitrov Highway"), then it takes about five minutes by foot.
            It is convenient to travel by bus and route taxi in Dubna. From the Institute part of the city to the district Chyornaya Rechka, where the hostel on Moskovskaya str. 2 is located, it is possible to go by buses  2, 11, 110, 14, 17 and any route taxi – the "Chyornaya rechka" bus stop. A bus trip costs 40 roubles; a route taxi one, 28.
            Taxi in Dubna is quite practical and relatively inexpensive. Within the right-bank part of the city, a taxi trip costs 60 roubles; 120 roubles to the left bank. Taxi can be offered round the clock by the following phones: 2122299, 2122099.

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