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Projects and their description (2016 Practice, 1st stage)

Projects and their description (2016 Practice, 1st stage)

Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (FLNR)

 1 A.I. Svirikhin Neutron emission from spontaneous fission of heavy elements at the FLNR
 2 G. Kaminski Neutron detection array based on stilbene scintillators
 3  G. Kaminski Detection of charge particles generated in heavy ions collisions at low energies
 4 V. Rachkov Study of heavy-ion elastic scattering within classical and quantum optical model
 5 L. Krupa Determination of massesof the super heavy elements in the experiments on synthesis of 112 and 
114 elements using the reactions 48 Ca+242Pu and 48 Ca+244Pu
L. Krupa The systematic determination of cross sections for the production of proton-rich evaporation residues near the neutron N=126 shell closure in fusion reactions
 7 L. Krupa Production and spectroscopic investigation of new neutron-rich isotopes near the neutron N=126 shell closure using the multinucleon tranfer reactions
 8 L. Krupa Monte-Carlo simulation of fusion and multinucleon transfer reactions in the MEDIPIX detector using the GEANT4
 9 L. Krupa Development and testing of a new cryogenic gas-filled catcher for MASHA
 10 A. Voinov Design of the charge sensitive preamplifier for the studying of the properties of SHEs with using of the semiconductor detectors
 11 A. Voinov Preliminary processing of the signals in a nuclear physics experiment
 12 Yu. Sobolev Single-crystal gamma scintillation spectrometer
 13 E.M. Kozulin, K.V. Novikov Measurement of mass-energy distributions of fission fragments using time-of-flight method

Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics (FLNP)

 1 S. Sumnikov Precision investigation of modern crystalline materials by neutron diffraction method
 2 M.-L. Craus,
N. Cornei
Transport phenomena and magnetic/crystalline structure of manganites


G. Arzumanyan Raman, CARS and SONICC spectroscopy and imaging of biomolecules


G. Arzumanyan SERS-active substrates based on porous silicon


G. Arzumanyan Photo- and upconversion luminescence of phosphores activated with rare earth elements


I. Ruskov Neutron- and Gamma-ray Spectrometry


M.V. Frontasyeva,
Wael Badawy 
Neutron Activation Analysis for Life Scineces

Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems

 1 I.D. Alexandrov PCR-assay of intragenic DNA lesions induced by ionizing radiation at the paratelomeric yellow gene of Drosophila melanogaster
 2 G. Shelkov,
A. Guskov
Cosmic ray study using air shower time coincidence arrays (“The Knowledge Showers”)
 3 S. Kotov,
P. Smolyanskiy
Investigation of the hybrid pixel detector based on the Timepix ASIC 
and GaAs:Cr sensor
 4  I. Potrap,
D. Kozhevnikov
Spectral microtomography using the MARS-CT
 5 A. Kobets Low Energy Particle Toroidal Accumulator (LEPTA)

Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (BLTP)

Nanostructures and nanoscale phenomena

 1 A.K. Motovilov Bounds on rotation of eigenstates of a few-level system by an external field
 2 Yu.M. Shukrinov Computer simulation of tunneling characteristics of superconducting nanostructures

Laboratory of Radiation Biology

1 O. Belov Mathematical modeling of DNA repair

Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics (VBLHEP)

 1 E. Kokoulina, 
V. Nikitin
Puzzles of multiplicity
 2 E. Kokoulina, V. Nikitin 
Soft photons at U-70 and Nuclotron
 3 P. Zarubin The BECQUEREL Project for Juniors



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