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For secondary school pupils and teachers

Laboratory exercises
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Projects in Physics
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Head of the UC Practical course in physics for secondary school pupils

It is quite clear that the formation of a prospective physicist begins before his/her entering a university. Therefore the UC pays special attention to its activities focused on the secondary school pupils, which are aimed at selecting the most gifted pupils, making them interested in modern fundamental issues of physics, acquainting them with research done at JINR and, ultimately, raising the chances of these pupils choosing a career in science.
These activities involve several fields, including acquaintance visits and excursions to the JINR Laboratories (also for secondary school pupils from abroad) and offering classes to secondary school pupils at the UC's special school laboratories, where a special laboratory practicum in physics for secondary school pupils has been created. Throughout an academic year, classes are held here twice a week in groups of 8 – 10 pupils. Using the equipment offered by JINR and the methodology developed at the UC, a number of exercises in basic parts of physics have been provided (see the "Laboratory exercises" section). Of special interest to pupils are physics demonstrations, one's own explanation of which often requires keen wits of a pupil.
Working at the practicum laboratory, the pupils themselves come up with the basic phenomena of physics; they are acquainted with the measurement methodology, operating measurement instruments, and processing the measurement results. For these classes, the practicum has a wide range of measurement equipment, including micrometers, slide gauges, electronic stop-watch, electric circuit instruments, and more.


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